Welcome to the City of Treasures!


Środa Śląska is one of the oldest urban centres in Poland (Środa Śląska law, dated 1235 – a variant of Magdeburg law). The city with a characteristic central market square was founded in the twelfth century, in the close vicinity of a road being part of the trade route joining Eastern and Western Europe, and Środa Śląska law became the legal model for over 132 Silesian cities. The region of Środa Śląska is famous for its royal gems known as „The Środa Treasure”.

The urban-rural municipality of Środa Śląska is located in the centre of Lower Silesia, at the crossroads of important transportation routes, such as: the national road No. 94 (Korczowa – Wrocław – Jędrzychowice) and regional road No. 346 (Środa Śląska – Kąty Wrocławskie – Oława). The national road No. 94 that crosses the municipality, the proximity of Wrocław, the rail connections and the convenient access to the A4 motorway (E-40 Dresden – Wrocław – Kiev) make for its easy and swift accessibility from each direction. The connection with the E-30 railway line (Wrocław – Zgorzelec – Dresden) is an additional advantage of the municipality.

Środa Śląska municipality covers the area of 214.93 square kilometres. Over 19,000 people live here, of whom 9,000 in the city itself.  The settlement network consists of 27 towns which are evenly spread around the city which is now not only the seat of the municipality authorities, but also home to almost 50,000 residents of Środa Śląska district.

The following towns are partners of Środa Śląska Municipality:

– Kamyanka Buzka (Ukraine),

– Saterland (Germany),

– Štěpánov (the Czech Republic).

Always encouraging business investments

the municipality meets entrepreneurs’ expectations by implementing a number of facilities, including tax ones. (i.a. property tax exemptions within the confines of regional investment aid for new investors and preferences for those who have already operated in Środa Śląska municipality). Moreover, due to the fruitful collaboration with the special economic zone of Legnica, we are developing our subzones. Our largest partners testify to a good climate for investments in Środa Śląska municipality, for example BASF, Pittsburgh Glass Works, XEOS, Eldisy, Voestalpine, Röben Ceramika Budowlana (Construction Ceramics).

Attractive and worth living in

Arguments for living in the municipality are i.a. low real property prices and educational base, whose constant modernization is one of the priorities of the local government. A modern nursery operates in Środa Śląska, and the municipality is ranked high in Wrocław Agglomeration with regard to the provision of preschool admissions. Children and youth have an opportunity to continue their education at further stages of education. An additional convenience is the launch of communal public transport using electric vehicles, which took place in January 2018.

Perfect for rest and leisure time

The Community Centre in Środa Śląska has a wide variety of offers prepared every year. There are, among others, classes in modern and folk dance, fitness, language classes, music classes, theatre workshops, art workshops, or classes in the field of computer graphics. There is also here a modern Digital Cinema which allows residents to watch the longed-for premieres in 2D and 3D technology. An excellent place to spend free time at is also Centrum Sportu i Rekreacji (Sport and Recreation Centre) in Środa Śląska (a complex of sports fields, Kajaki reservoir, a seasonal ice rink) and Średzki Park Wodny (Środa Water Park) along with saunas, jacuzzi and a sports swimming pool. Historic monuments, green areas, numerous bicycle and educational paths, as well as hiking routes await visitors.


Adam Ruciński
Mayor of Środa Śląska

Kazimierz Grabowiecki
Chairperson of the City Council in Środa Śląska


Municipal Office in Środa Śląska

pl. Wolności 5

55-300 Środa Śląska


+48 71 317 30 52

+48 71 39 60 715


+48 71 317 34 05

e-mail: um@srodaslaska.pl



Office hours:


Tuesday: 7.30-15.30

Wednesday: 7.30-17.00

(between 4 and 5 p.m. the following are on duty: Citizen’s Affairs Department, Office of Vital Statistics and within the Customer Service Centre – registry office, service of waste fees, taxes and register of business activities)

Thursday: 7.30-15.30

Friday: 7.30-15.00

account number: 87 1020 5242 0000 2502 0029 2466